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It is NEW Law’s mission to provide top quality legal services to our clients at affordable prices.  We genuinely believe in making justice accessible to all at affordable rates.  Our unique structure allows us to keep our overheads to a minimum, eliminating such costs as huge rents and marketing expenses and allowing us to offer extremely competitive rates. 


HOW will I know what the costs will be for my matter?

At NEW Law we understand the need to ensure our clients are fully informed of all matters relating to the potential legal costs in their case.  For that reason, before we start work we will provide you with detailed information about:

  • The likely costs involved in running your case
  • The method we will use to calculate our fees in your matter
  • Any other costs that may be incurred
  • Any prospect of you recovering some or all of your costs from the other party

HOW do you calculate your fees? 

NEW Law uses several different methods of calculating our fees for clients. Depending on the type of matter, fees may be calculated using an agreed hourly rate, by using applicable legislative fee scales or by charging a lump sum amount for all work.  We will agree on the method with you before we commence work.


DO you offer a “no-win, no-fee” service? 

Depending on the type of matter and the services required, NEW Law can offer representation on the basis that no costs will be payable unless a successful outcome is achieved.  This will be negotiated with you prior to our commencement of work.


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